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About Kinton Crafts

Kinton Crafts was established in Singapore in 2019 to create beautiful decor solutions for homes. Founded on a rich design heritage, the brand serves today's contemporary design along with the traditional values of quality, aesthetics, and originality.

At the heart of Kinton Crafts lies an adoration for indigenous craftsmanship, understanding of the global pallet, and the desire to create a  global brand, known for not only just alluring products but also for its impact on artisan communities and stake holders alike.

Kinton Crafts is an innovative global brand that encompasses broader lifestyle concepts such as home linen, home decor, fashion accessories and stationery items. Its eclectic mix of contemporary products can liven up your space with  stunning statement pieces and plush home furnishings.


The vision of Kinton crafts is to design and curate highest quality  home furnishing and home decor products with a strong heritage, serving the contemporary markets, whilst evolving to ensure relevance and benefit to customers and stake holders alike.





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